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bouncycastle packaging issues


As a continuation of a [1]previous thread, I have returned to the task
of packaging the Bouncy Castle cryptography libraries for Debian.

   1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2004/04/msg00006.html

First of all, I must express my appreciation for free-java-sdk and the
various tools that it is composed of. An impressive collection indeed.

So, here are some of the packaging questions that I currently have:

As shown on the Bouncy Castle [2]latest releases page, there are Bouncy
Castle releases for JDK 1.0 up to JDK 1.5. My intention, as outlined in
bug #234048, is to create separate packages for each supported JDK that
can be built with free Debian Java tools.

   2. http://www.bouncycastle.org/latest_releases.html

I noticed, however, that there doesn't seem to be a precedent for this.
Are there other packages that currently are or could be distributed this

Part of the reason that I ask is because jikes is able to compile some
of the library packages, but according to the [3]Jikes User FAQ, it is
necessary help jikes find the correct standard library files. I noticed
that FJSDK includes an rt.jar that is a symlink to

   3. http://jikes.sourceforge.net/faq/user-index.shtml#jikespath

Do I correctly understand that Jikes can be used to compile for multiple
JDKs (which ones?), as long as it has the associated standard library

If so, then how do I know which version of the JDK is implemented by a
certain set of standard library files? More specifically, is there a way
for me to build these libraries for various JDKs, using the appropriate
standard library files in each case?


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