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SableVM 1.1.8 Free JVM Debian Packages Available

Hello everybody,

It's been (too) long time since the last release of SableVM that got
uploaded to Debian archives.  I have not heard about any serious bugs
in 1.1.6-6 package, but let's face it: it is OLD! (classpath especially)

The 1.1.8 version of SableVM Free Java Virtual Machine packages hit
the official Debian archive today (big thanks go to Jeff Bailey for
help) with the desire to reach testing/Sarge next week.

The most important changes since 1.1.6-6 include:

- Added the necessary support to run both Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3
  (using the xerces and xalan libraries).  Instructions are available
  at http://sablevm.org/wiki/Eclipse .

- Added -Xgnuclasspath:/dir/ectory option to java-sablevm
  wrapper. This allows for running SableVM with an unmodified GNU
  Classpath out-of-the-box using an override .jar provided daily at
  http://sablevm.org/download/snapshot/ (requires post-0.12 classpath).

- Added handling of Jar/Zip files on boot classpath (we now use
  libclasspath.jar instead of uncompressed files)

- Allowed for multiple elements and prepending/appending to boot class

- Switched from gnu.classpath.SystemClassLoader to a more standard
  implementation derived from URLClassLoader (as it should be).

- Added new Generational Garbage Collector ("experimental", available on
  request, by passing --with-gc=gencopy to configure, not yet used in
  Debian package).

- Implemented several missing JNI functions,

- Improved error messages related to bootstrap problems.

- Fixed way too many other problems to list them here :-)

For the full release announcements (includeing wider lists of
improvements) of 1.1.7 and 1.1.8 releases see:




Please, *please*, test the new packages of SableVM 1.1.8, report bugs,
problems and successes.  This version has potential of running serious
applications like Eclipse, so it would be expected that other apps, like
Jetty, Ant etc. will also work.  But it would be very bad if because of
some stupid, little ommision these SableVM packages could not run them.

Sarge will hopefully finally release, so we cannot count on having too
much time for testing and possibly uploading new versions with fixes.

Please use debian-java@lists.debian.org, but also
sablevm-user@sablevm.org and sablevm-devel@sablevm.org to ask questions,
http://sablevm.org/bugs to report bugs and #sablevm IRC channel on
irc.debian.org (freenode) to chat with other users and developers.

On our web site at http://sablevm.org and especially in our Wiki pages
at http://sablevm.org/wiki you will find a lot of helpful informations
about many aspects of using and developing SableVM.  Hopefully you'll
find them useful!

Happy New Year 2005 !!!

			Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: Some of the most popular of SableVM Wiki pages:
* http://sablevm.org/wiki/Eclipse       - HOWTO run Eclipse w/ SableVM
* http://sablevm.org/wiki/Getting   - HOWTO download/install from source
* http://sablevm.org/wiki/Hall_Of_Fame  - Quite funny!
* http://sablevm.org/wiki/Features      - What SableVM offers?
* http://sablevm.org/wiki/FAQ           - Short but worth seeing
* http://sablevm.org/wiki/License_FAQ   - Why *Lesser* GPL?
Grzegorz B. Prokopski           <gadek@sablevm.org>
SableVM - Free, LGPL'ed Java VM  http://sablevm.org
Why SableVM ?!?                  http://sablevm.org/wiki/Features
Debian GNU/Linux - the Free OS   http://www.debian.org

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