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Re: Confusion, java-package or mpkg-j2se?

> On another note, is it possible we could see the 
> ${vendor}-j2{re,sdk}${version}debian packages included in Debian? Their 
> Debian integration features are the main reason I use 
> j2se-package/java-package. Perhaps we could even have these features 
> rolled into the generated ${vendor}-j2{re,sdk}${version} packages?

Rolling them into the generated deb sounds like a really good idea, as
this would make things easier for people like me who maintains woody
servers, as I then only have to add a single package to our private

> Finally, the entry to add to /usr/share/java-package/sun-j2sdk.sh to 
> make java-package work with the 1.5+rc SDK is:
>      "jdk-1_5_0-rc-linux-i586.bin")
>          j2se_version=1.5.0+rc1
>          j2se_expected_min_size=135 # 138272 kB
>          found=true
>          ;;

I found that this works nicely for the recently released 1.5.0/5.0
version as well, with obvious modifications. However, is anybody
maintaining this package any more? I have seen various people posting
about it, but can't bring up the java-package page on
packages.debian.org[1] (it just returns a 404), and Hubert Schmid
doesn't appear to be working on his packages any more. The problem is
with the files that the latest 1.5 releases have been trying to extract
at absolute paths like:


I feel uneasy about using the generated deb as it doesn't contain those
files, even if it appears that most of them seem fairly unimportant.

[1] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/misc/java-package

Mats Henrikson
Unix Systems Programmer
Systems Development & Support
Oxford University Computing Services

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