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Re: [kaffe] NEWS - Tomcat 5 runs on Kaffe

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Tam <Tam@SiuLung.com> writes:

Alan> I suppose all components in this installation are free
Alan> (javax.security.auth.* should be stubbed somehow), and most of
Alan> them has been reported to compile under kaffe/sablevm. It is
Alan> just a matter time until we see all of them available in main.

GNU Crypto <http://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-crypto/> contains a
partial implementation of javax.security.auth in CVS, which will
probably be merged into Classpath sometime soon. After that happens
Kaffe will probably assimilate them.

What is also potentially cool is that it might be easy now to run an
SSL instance of Tomcat on a free runtime, since Jessie
<http://www.nongnu.org/jessie/> runs on Kaffe too.

Casey Marshall || csm@gnu.org

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