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Re: GCC 3.,4

David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> writes:

> I just spotted a note on debian-develop that gcc 3.4 is to be uploaded
> to unstable this weekend.  Does anyone know if this includes all the
> fixes that are needed to run Eclipse with gcj?

I think the tests with eclipse are with the 3.5 branch PLUS some special
patches, but I may be wrong.

> Also on the subject of getting things running, is anyone working on
> getting Tomcat 4 or 5 to run under gcj?  If so is there any
> information about how they are getting on?

Nobody does. Maybe a good start would be to have all the libs build to
native first!.. and maybe ant, xerces, xalan, etc...

About tomcat5, I started a todo list at Alioth. See


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