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Re: precompiled .jar files

Michael Schultheiss <schultmc@debian.org> writes:

> I maintain the Debian packages for gallery, a web-based photo album
> written in PHP.  In the latest upstream release, a handful of
> precompiled .jar files were added to the upstream tarball.  The .jar's
> are applets that extend the functionality of gallery from the client
> side and don't require any Java software on the server.  When I
> packaged the latest gallery version for Debian, I recreated the
> tarball and excluded the java subdirectory where the .jar files are
> located.
> There's been some posts on the gallery forums and some discussions in
> the gallery IRC channel about the applets being missing in the Debian
> gallery package.  I'm wondering what the best manner to package the
> .jar files for Debian is.  The source is available in the upstream
> CVS.  I'm thinking the best way would be to package the java applets
> separately (probably targeting them for contrib or non-free, since I
> doubt the .jar files can be in the package destined for main).
> Anyone have any suggestions?

What is the build system? What classes are needed?

If it's built by ant, you have ant packages in main (see
libant1.[56]-java). You could run ant with kaffe or sablevm or maybe
gij. All the three are in main. and you can tell ant to 'build.compile'
with jikes (also in main)... So why do you want your applet to go to
contrib? ;-)

No kidding, maybe your applet will not compile with jikes and
kaffe/libgcj/sablevm javalib but I dubt. If it's the case, report it on
the list.

If you build the package in a separate source package, you could have a
look at alioth's pkg-java project: http://pkg-java.alioth.debian.org/
you'll have some advices and some hints to packages java libs and apps.


 : :' :rnaud
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