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Currently Tomcat 5 is not available for Debian, only Tomcat4.  Can I ask
what is holding 5 back.  Is it simple lack of time on the maintainers part, 
are there technical problems, is it not stable enough to bother with yet or
is there some other problem not one of the above.

I ask because a number of packages now seem to be expecting it, although
obviously not Debian ones.  One in particular that is going to hit me is
Lomboz, which assumes 5 for JSP support in the version that runs with
Eclipse 3.0, so when the new Eclipse hits Debian there will be a problem.

I have limited resources available, but I notice that there are a number
of people also waiting patiently (the bug is 207 days old) for 5 as 
enumerated by the responders to #222876, maybe they could be
encouraged to help as well.

Thanks in advance


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