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Questions for the Java Open Source "Debate" at JavaOne


  Allow me to highlight the blog story by Tom Tromey -
of GNU Compiler for Java (gcj) fame - that points out
some questions to ask if you attend the Java Open
Source Debate at Sun's JavaOne conference. True to
style Sun has - of course - not invited any actual
Free Java hacker to the "debate".

  Tom writes:

  Sun invariably says that they can't think of what
problems open source Java would solve that aren't
already solved. Of course that's ridiculous. It is
pretty hard for Linux vendors to ship a working JRE on
their platform if they make any sort of changes at all
-- the Java vendors are just too slow. And Debian
can't ship a complete Java at all, so lots of Java
software ends up in unfree.

  On top of this, non-free core software is something
to be avoided in the community. This overly-controlled
approach on Sun's part is losing the Linux desktop to
.NET. I'm curious to hear what Sun has to say about
this. Do they notice this? Do they care? Do they think
there is some other strategy to change this? 

  Full story @

  - Gerald

Gerald Bauer
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