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Re: Bug#212863: new java policy: ok or not?

Hallo Stefan,

only to the list...

* Stefan Gybas wrote:
>I also suggest to handle it this way. However, I think we can still make 
>small changes to the Java Policy before sarge's release, e.g. remove the 
>possibility to put Java classes in /usr/bin/ (using binfmt_misc). This 
>would not affect any package.

I second this (doesn't matter, as I'm not a DD yet), but IMO, if no
package implements it, why does it matter anyway?

>IMHO our main focus should be getting current versions of Kaffe, 
>SabelVM, Jikes, Classpath, gjdoc and all the other packages in contrib 
>into testing before we start making major changes to the Java Policy.

So most packages need a upload anyway, why not add this little bits.
The code would be redunant or 'unused', if the proposed policy isn't
followed. The only part where some breakage can happen is the apps,
for the rest of the packages it's just adding a file.

>I'll work on this as soon as the new versions of tomcat4 and 
>tomcat-connectors are finished.

BTW: tomcat4 misses a manpage (/usr/bin/tomcat4, Policy 12.1) and it
needs JAVA_HOME (-> 9.9) set if started from the commandline (the second
bug would BTW removed with implementing the new policy :). Have you
looked into this or should I file some bugreports with patches?
Patches should be fairly easy, especially if I anyway have a look at
the tomcat starter script... :)

Jan, adding sweets to the whip and SCNR :)

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