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blackdown java 1.4.1 (gcc3.2) debs available

Hi all,

I am a happy user and big fan of debian and The Debian Way(R), but lack
the programming skills to contribute some real work. The frustration of
having to manually install blackdown to work with sid's mozilla brought me
to the idea of creating deb's of my own, thus contributing at least a
small bit to the debian community.
I shamelessly copied Stephen Zander's source package for blackdown 1.3,
and tweaked it to minimize build warnings and lintian complaints.

Still on the todo-list:
* creating an apt repository
* using dh_installmenu, instead of hardcoded gnome menu support
* creating packages for other architectures as well
* learning to make clean, compliant packages
* understanding the whole debian/rules file ;-)
* getting in contact with Stephen, to make sure no work is done twice

The packages can be found at http://jopa.studentenweb.org/debian/ , but
they take up allmost all of my quota, so it would be nice to have some
webspace (perhaps on a debian server?) or a mentor/webspace-sponsor to
host my packages and to help me getting started with contributing to

Greetings, and sorry for the cross-posting,


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