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Bug#166370: java-common: Virtual packages "jar" and "javadoc"

Package: java-common
Version: 0.16
Severity: wishlist

I think the java policy should, in addition to specifying the use of
java-virtual-machine, java-compler and java{1,}-runtime, also recommend
the use of the virtual packages "jar" and "javadoc" to ensure a package
that provides the alternatives /usr/bin/jar and /usr/bin/javadoc is

Without such virtual packages, a build-dependancy on java-compiler and
java1-runtime does not ensure the existance of either of those programs
(for example, they can be satisfied by jikes-classpath and classpath).

Debian policy says there has to be consensus on any virtual package that
is intended to be used by many packages of from different sources, so I
think java-policy and the java- is the place to decide on these.

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