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Re: probleme with the accents

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 22:23, Mariano Kamp wrote:
> Panard,
>   I am not sure how this relates to Debian, but anyway. What exactly is
> your problem and what do you mean by "accent"? A single-quote? Can you
> paste some of the broken code?

éèêï for example.

The solution the 'accent problem' is to set $LC_ALL to en_US. If you
leave it to 'C' or undefined, you won't get accents in recent JDK. This
is not a sun jdk bug.

>   Are you looking for something like this?
> 	System.out.println("Single Quote goes here: \'");
>   You need to escape the single quote with a backslash.

humm, I never had to escape a single quote, as it is not a special
character inside a string.

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