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Re: JNI Installation Directories

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> If libraries should be found automatically, JAR files probably should
> be found autmatically too.  J2SE has "extension directories", all
> classes from JAR files in these directories are available without
> adding the JAR files to the CLASSPATH explicitly.

I disagree with this.  I don't want libraries to be *included* automatically, 
I just want their path /usr/lib/jni put in the default library search path.

What I've proposed is the equivalent of adding /usr/include to the default C 
search path.  Putting all JAR files in the default classpath is more like 
automatically #including everything in /usr/include.

IIRC the issue of automatically including every jar in /usr/share/java has 
already been hashed out on this list and decided to be a bad idea (too much 
overhead, poor control over conflicts, etc), thought I could be wrong.

With what I'm suggesting you'd still have to manually add the JAR to the 
classpath; it just means you don't then have to add the JNI directory to the 
search path as well.  Without adding the JAR to the classpath you'll still 
have no access to the JNI libraries (well, unless you explicitly load them in 
your own Java sources).


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