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Re: [ANNOUNCE] JBoss 2.4.7 debs for public consumption

On Sat, 29 Jun 2002, Greg Wilkins wrote:

> Adam,
> Sounds like great work.
> I'm the maintainer/developer of Jetty, a jboss developer and a debian user
> so I'm keen to help create a debian package for Jetty to fit in with your
> JBoss work.
> But I know zip about making debian packages, so if you can tell me what to
> do to make the deb package for Jetty, I'll put support for it in the
> standard version of Jetty, plus migrate that to the copy of Jetty that
> is in JBoss3.   The main thing I don't know about is the disk layout to
> use and dependancies etc.
> NB. I'm away until Wednesday, but will get your deb's of JBoss then and
> see what I can work out.
> cheers

It's hard to transfer knowledge of making debs in a few short emails.  I've
seen you(and Jules) on the jboss-dev mailing list.

If you give me the ok, I'll make packages myself(unless someone else steps
up).  I've gotten some resistance from jboss upstream with regard to debian
inclusion, which is why I suggested waiting before telling them in my email.

I'd love to have support upstream for building packages.

However, there is something that concerns me with jetty.  I had a static html
file(10k), that I renamed to a jsp.  There was no jsp code inside the page.
When I used ab, and compared jetty to tomcat, I got very disconcerting
numbers.  In both cases, I used each app's internal http connection.

With jetty, I got 43req/s.  With tomcat4, I got 112req/s.  I didn't test

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