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[ANNOUNCE] JBoss 2.4.7 debs for public consumption

I am proud to announce that I have finally finished(well, close enough,
anyways) the debs of JBoss(www.jboss.org).  You can fetch them by adding the
appropriate line(1) to /etc/apt/sources.list.

These debs are modular, and broken up into semi-logic parts.  To install
jboss, with catalina(tomcat4) support, and postgres integration, the following
command should be given:

	apt-get install jboss jboss-server jboss-dev jbossmq jbosssx
	jboss-transaction jboss-catalina-service jboss-common jboss-contrib
	jboss-contrib-oswego jboss-contrib-castor jboss-contrib-hsqldb
	jboss-mail jboss-jdbc-postgresql jboss-client jbosssx-client
	jbossmq-client jnp-client

These packages also depend on sun jars.  However, there are packages available
for these as well(jsse.deb, libactivation-java.deb, libmail-java.deb).  We all
know the license for these is bad, but for time sakes, we(my work) have
decided to make them available.

If someone were to make a deb of jetty, I could get jetty to work with jboss.
I have already done the work locally, but because no deb exists, there is no
standard support for it.

There is also a deb to make mysql work, but that depends on a non-existant(in
debian anyways) mysql-java library.  If someone is interested in making
packages of it, let me know, and I'll tell you were to get the files.

Additionally, JBoss upstream redistributes lots of external software in their
source archive.  I have not attempted to make packages of these.  For the most
part, these libraries exist in jboss-contrib-* and jboss-contrib.  If someone
wants to make packages of those, then go ahead.  However, you should notify me
when you do, so I can update the JBoss packages to not include the software

The documentation on these packages is not the best(it's quite light).  I'm
not that great at writing it.  Volunteers for writing better docs on how JBoss
functions in Debian would be appreciated.

So, install the debs, and tell me what you think.  After those on this list
have had a chance to digest them, I will inform JBoss upstream of this
accomplishment.  Until that time, I want those that are more familiar with
Java and Debian to test them.

1: deb http://mirror.brainfood.com/brainfood-public sid main contrib non-free

ps: Several people have sent me private emails, asking for debs of JBoss.  I
    have bcc'd them with this mail.

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