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Re: Java plugin advocacy

* Rick Lutowski 

| Did a quick total on your stats and come up with the following
| percentages:
| IE    60%
| NS    16 (incl compat)
| Moz    7
| Opera  4
| Konq   3
| other 10

I guess those are a bit atypical, since it was a Linux site.  Mine is
from a general hardware news in Norway (www.hardware.no, for the
interested ones).

| Understand Moz leaves it up the the user to plug in whatever JRE they 
| want.  Anyone know what JRE opera ships with (if any)? 

For linux: none.  For Windows: 1.3 or 1.4, I think it changed for the
latest version.  It'll use the included version in either case.

| Am firmly convinced that if IE-competitive browsers would ship with
| 1.4 (or whatever the latest JRE happens to be) web developers would
| start using its advanced capabilities like 3d, media, etc (hopefully
| in an intelligent, not a gratuitous, manner).  More users would then
| have 
| reason to slide out from under IE to view these highly compelling pages.
| OS distributions like debian could help immensely by including browsers
| pre-loaded with 1.4, so the user need not install anything beyond the OS
| itself.

1.4 is very non-free.  Somebody is talking about that 1.5 will be
free.  I hope so, since then lots of those Java applications which are
in contrib today can be moved to main, and we can get rid of the
various JDEs and concentrate on one instead of spreading our resources
so thinly.

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