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problem installing java related stuff due to japanes man pages


  every once in a while (when there is some package to upgrade such as
jikes), i run into install problems with creating a symlink to ja man

  below you'll find my most recent problem with this.

Setting up jikes (1.15-1) ...
update-alternatives: unable to make
/usr/share/man/ja/man1/javac.1.gz.dpkg-tmp a symlink to
/etc/alternatives/javac.ja.1.gz: No such file or directory

  i think this might be some local problem, so i haven't filed a bug
report.  yet, can anyone please tell me how to get rid of this ja man
page problem forever!  surely i can fix this problem with a bit of
tweaking, and have done so several times past already, but i would like
to avoid this in the future...



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