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On Thursday 04 April 2002 1:24 pm, Franck Routier wrote:
> That's what I understood as well, but what I don't get is how this compares
> to other hype technologies like Corba, J2EE, .Net, dotgnu, ...
> Should it be considered similar or related, or is it something different,
> or even complementary ?
> My first thought was that it is a over-ambitious project, but maybe I
> misunderstand the point.

Getting the point is a big problem with most of the `projects' listed above.  
At least, Corba is in essence just a protocol, vendors are the guys that make 
it look very bloated, but there are a lot of good free implementations out 
there which make it worthwhile.  J2EE is extremely flawed.  Although JBoss is 
a nice project and I wish Marc and his crew a lot of success, it is still 
very terrible to use in production mainly because the J2EE specification is 
not that clever and their own reference implementations (Tomcat/Catalina) is 
extremely buggy and they do not behave as specified or even to date have 
buggy security code.  Not to mention that sometimes configuration directives 
are simply `forgotten' etc...  the list goes on.

However,  a framework for writing sensible distributed applications can be 
quite a good thing and if Jtrix has a more sensible approach AND a good 
implementation + spec then it might be worth looking into it.  But I'd 
approach it with a very skeptical eye because I'm quite hype-shocked by now.

Thanks for the pointer though && Happy Hacking!

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