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I haven't used Jtrix, but after your message I visited their web-site.
I found the "An introduction for everyone" enlightening, as it includes a detailed example of the kind of problem they try to solve. If I understood right: the idea is to offer developpers of network based applications (typically servers) a set of APIs to services that other people offer. The services include hosting (of server code), logging, money transfers, ... So I guess you could write code that says: "I would like an instance of this java class to be run on a server in south america, what are the options for waht price?".

It seems that the code is in demo stage, but it does not seem that any service is currently in action. Maybe you can use Jtrix currently to make your own services interract, but that's a lot less fun...

This sounds quite thought provoking to me, but I wonder what could make the services really take off (chicken an egg ol' problem).


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