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Re: CLASSPATH and Jikes

Stefan Rücker <s.ruecker@gmx.de> writes:

> > Stefan Rücker <s.ruecker@gmx.de> writes:
> > Indeed, but a compiler can't take all installed libs (some of which
> > may not be in Debian packages, or not even in publically-readable
> > locations) into account.
> But how can you compile your programs without having all at compile time 
> needed libs in publically-readable locations?

Imagine users A and B on a machine. There's ~A/java/foo.jar that
provides some functionality that A needs to compile her programs. But
for some reason (there are several valid ones) that file is not
readable by B.

Your proposed install-time scan will usually pick up that library
since it is run with high privileges, and will add it to the standard
CLASSPATH. Later, B tries to compile something, and javac rightfully
complains about not being able to read ~A/java/foo.jar.

You could take care during scanning and only include public libraries,
but then A would still have to add her private library to her CLASSPATH.

> I was just thinking of a simple way to set up my classpath so I made this 
> suggestion.

I think it plainly falls into a package's responsibility to define
which libraries (or interfaces) it depends on and in which version.
That many packages fail to do that properly is the real problem.

Just linking with every installed library is only curing symptoms.


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