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Re: Kaffe porting issues


[kaffe only for mips >R3000 CPUs]

>That is no problem for SGI hardware as Linux/MIPS currently does not 
>support R3000 SGI systems (big endian, "mips") anyway, but for
>the little endian systems ("mipsel") there are lots of R3000 based 
>machines. In particular most of the DECstations are R3000-based, 
>and this is one of the major targets for Debian on mipsel.

I second that. I have three DECstations (though my /240 is still unhappy)
and one Agenda (has a NEC Vr4181) and all of these are R3000 based.
But there seems to be running kaffe for the Agenda on


so perhaps, everything is already done?-)

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