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Re: Kaffe porting issues

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 02:34:22PM -0500, John R. Daily wrote:
> I'm cc'ing the ports in question in hopes that some of these
> problems can be solved by developers more familiar with those
> platforms. I haven't included s390, because the failure to build
> there seems to involve several missing dependencies, and I would
> guess that the lack of kaffe on that platform won't affect the
> package's ability to get into woody.

the rule is that if a package has built on an architecture, it must
continue to build there.  so for arches like s390 and hppa which have
never built it, there is no problem.  having said that, it would of
course be nice to have kaffe build on those architectures :-)

> --------
> On mips, the current problem with both 1.0.6 and CVS is that an
> include of sigcontext.h should actually be asm/sigcontext.h; the
> i386-specific headers included with kaffe properly handle this
> via #ifdef, so that can be easily remedied.

Er.  Userspace should _never_ include asm/* headers.

> The mips/CVS kaffe code, though, has another problem: mips1 and
> mips2 do not support the 'movn' assembler instruction used, so
> that will have to be rewritten, or the code compiled exclusively
> for mips3.

That's not so bad; it only eliminates r3000-series processors and earlier.
in terms of which boxes, i think that eliminates everything prior to
the indigo, which is prehistory as far as i'm concerned :-)

Revolutions do not require corporate support.

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