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RE: [summary] Re: policy proposition for javadoc installation

>Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
>> Debian doesn't use RPM as part of the package management
>> infrastructure, and any limitations of RPM is therefore irrelevant to
>> how Debian should handle javadoc, and (in general) Debian policy.
>> So, again: why should Debian policy care about RPM systems?
>Only in the context of standardization for more general Linux 
>and/or GNU 
>systems.  I.e. if/when Linux Standard Base or some similar project 
>should tackle Java, can you make a good case that they should 
>base it on 
>the Debian policy?

the JPackage team, which doing RPM packaging of java tools and apps,
has just asked you debian java list what's are some of your policies
to see if we could find some commons.

If you remember and take a look on mail archives, you'll discover
some of my mail to some Debian fellow on tomcat and jakarta list 
about location of java jars. You'll see also that my RPM use 
/usr/share/java for at least 18 months, at a time nobody even
spoke about packaging java.

Yes the question is not RPM/DEBIAN, but related to LSB, and that's
why we try to determine if we could find common policies ;)

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