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tomcat 3.3 or 4.0 .deb & connectors

I got a message from Henri suggesting that I look at going to tomcat 3.3 and then building the
connectors from jakarta-tomcat-connectors for ajp14.

I downloaded, I believe, all the files that I need but things will not compile.

The tomcat 3.3 seems to build ok.
I then went to the jakarta-tomcat-connectors/util and did "ant" which seemed
to work as  well.
Next, I went to ../jk and did an "ant".
This step failed in the compile with all kinds of messages.

Am I missing something? Probably obvious.

Also, is there some .deb files already built for this set of things?


J.R. Westmoreland  (W7JR)
E-mail: jr@jrw.org

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