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Re: Large-scale java policy violations

Sorry for the large cc, but it is about time that debian had a unified policy
on these package names.

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, Ben Burton wrote:

> Okay.  Note that java policy states that "Libraries packages must be named
> lib-XXX-java."

I think the java policy is wrong.  Why should java be any different than any
other interpeted language, when naming packages?

In fact, I see variations in python, perl, and java.  This is what I would
like to see:


Where name is the upstream name, appropriately named for the package.

> Below we see an approximate list of all java library packages available in
> debian.  One observes that more than *half* of them are named
> "libXXX-java"
> instead of "lib-XXX-java".  We even see libpgjava with no dashes
> whatsoever.
> Does this bother anyone else but me?

Yes, it does, but not for the same reason.

> bab@espresso:~> apt-cache pkgnames lib | grep -e java$ | sort
> [snip]

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