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Re: The evils of /usr/share/java/repository

> Just being fussy here, don't mind me.

Quite alright. I haven't been keeping close tabs on the development of
Debian's Java policy. Hence, my boo boo....

> >  6 - Any .jars in /usr/share/java/respository.
> Directory /usr/share/java/repository should only contain class files.  The
> jars themselves should be in /usr/share/java.

> The problem with /usr/share/java/repository is then that you have no
> versioning control whatsoever (since you can't include or exclude parts of
> it, and you can't provide multiple implementations of the same java
> classes).

Which is why it's at the end of the list. Essentially, it's saying "If you
absolutely, positively, can't find the class in any of the other places to
look, then try here".

Granted, you might get an undesired version, but even that would give you a
maginally better chance of success than you'd have with a guaranteed
"ClassNotFound" exception.

- Joe

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