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java packaging help?


I'd like some help packaging the jetty HTTP server and servlet container
into a debian package.  (see http://jetty.mortbay.org)

As it is both a server and container, it does not need apache or anything.
It simply needs a JVM (although it does contain XML libraries in the release
that are probably included in other packages?).

I'm not a debian developer and have never done a debian package.
But I am the maintainer of the jetty server and am happy to change it
to as needed.  So when I say I need help - what I really mean is that
I can help somebody else make the package :-)


Greg Wilkins<gregw@mortbay.com>          GB  Phone: +44-(0)7092063462
Mort Bay Consulting Australia and UK.    Mbl Phone: +61-(0)4 17786631
http://www.mortbay.com                   AU  Phone: +61-(0)2 98107029

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