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Re: apt wanting to uninstall j2sdk1.3

I think you're probably running into the same thing I saw a few minutes
ago. Basically, a new locales is available without a new libc6 hasn't
been built for your architecture yet. (The developer builds for sparc)
Check out bugs #106648 and 105480 for an explanation.

Makes me almost wish there was a nearly-unstable that ran thru the
testing installability tests without the delay.

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 04:52:03PM -0600, J. R. Westmoreland wrote:
> I'm running unstable! 
> What would have changed in the release that is SO critical that apt would want to uninstall
> the package and everything associated with java from my system?
> Is there a easy way to determine the answer to this question for future problems?
> Thanks,
> J.R.
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