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Re: Packaging Java libraries

Thanks for the quick response... perhaps I wasn't clear about what I'm
trying to do - that being creating a libmysql-java package for debian which
drops mysql.jar in /usr/share/java. Looking at libxerces-java it seems that
creating a source package is the 'done thing', although having downloaded
the source I found the Makefile compiles different classes depending on the
jdk in use. So should I be creating a source package ala libxerces-java,
and if so, should I be using the 1.1 or 1.3 jdk/makefile targets?

- samj

>> I recently sent out an ITP for a MySQL JDBC driver
>> (http://mmmysql.sourceforge.net) and have started looking at how to
>> package it up. This is my first attempt at a java package and a second
>> attempt at packaging anything (the other being rdesktop). I've
>> downloaded both the source and binaries, and it seems there are
>> different Makefile targets depending on the JDK in use. How should I
>> deal with this? Compile with the latest version? Both? Or just package
>> up the binary? I'm using blackdown's j2sdk1.3, not jdk1.1.
> You should download the binary version, and then put it into your
> CLASSPATH (export CLASSPATH=drivername.jar:.  for example). Then in
> your java-program load the driver with:
> Class.forName("org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver").newInstance();
> Then you get the Connection by using
> DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://",
> "username", "password");
> You should now be able to make database requests.
> Need more help? mail me!
> /Nils Hoglund

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