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Re: Jython Licensing

> > Hi.  On the topic of Jython, I received this from jython-dev (see below)
> > - so it seems the GPL incompatibility is not likely to go away any time
> > soon.
> does it matter?

There is at least one small hassle (which can be a large hassle for the 
command-line jython user), which is readline support.

There is also the issue of embedding jython in a larger (Java) program (which 
I see as the main strength of jython since all Java classes become magically 
accessible and thus scriptable, etc) where the larger program contains GPLed 

> the licence is DFSG compliant, and the main gripe about
> python licence was that there are GPLed modules written in C, and
> thus linked with python interpreter.

Hmm.  So given the very different concept of "linking" in Java:

1) If I use a set of GPLed .py modules in my jython script, am I combining 
the GPLed modules with my script, jython and/or the java interpreter? - which 
combination applies?

My interpretation here is script only.

2) If I use JNI wrappers to a C library that is GPLed, am I combining the 
GPLed library with my script, jython and/or the java interpreter?

My interpretation here is script *and* java interpreter, but I deeply fear 
that I am wrong.



Ben Burton
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