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Re: java Makefile

Use mmake too, however, the debian package is an old version. Check the website: http://www.tildeslash.com/mmake/ for the latest version.


Rob Hazlewood wrote:

I find mmake to be the best.. (available as woody package)
Although I still haven't tried ant

generates a perfectly useful makefile
by the looks of ant, you have to manually enter dependencies, which would be a pain if there are lots of files. mmake works out all this stuff for you.

i suggest you try it :)


On Sunday 17 June 2001 13:43, Matt Fair wrote:

Is there a good way to create a good Makefile for JAVA projects?
Right now all I am doing is in my Makefile I have:
javac $(find . -name \*.java)

This does the trick, but all it does is when I call Makefile is go
through all my java files and compiles them.
Is there a way to check dependencies and compile only the files that
need compiling?


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