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Re: org/w3c/dom duplicates in lib-dom-java and lib-openxml-java,libxerces-java!

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 01:54:52PM +0200, Egon Willighagen wrote:

> > Surely then the dependency will be on "( lib-dom-java | lib-openxml-java
> > | libxerces-java )", since having any of those will satisfy the runtime?
> This will indeed be the outcome of dh_java...

I don't think this will work. When you want to use an XML parser using JAXP
you have to specify its class name as string parameter to a method. This
is hard-coded in most applications (either Xerces or Sun's Project X for
the most popular applications) so this will throw an exception if this
class is not found. In most cases you have to specify the exact
XML parser in the package's dependency to solve this problem. The same is
true for CORBA ORBs or EJB containers which all use the same intarface
classes but different classes for the actual implementation.

> But it might indeed be "good" to place the interface classes in a seperate
> jar/package... this would enforce that the implementation *does* implement
> the actual interface, and not some look-a-like...

This is a lot of work and does IMHO not gain anything at all. The situation
is quite different for what it is with shared libraries in C/C++ so the
Debian way of putting all common part in another package is not appropriate
here. Please note that this is my opinion, if you have good arguments for
the other side I really like to hear them.

Stefan Gybas

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