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Sun's JDK version 1.3.0_02

Has anybody been able to run this JDK (1.3.0_02) on Debian Potato? I'm getting
an error while running 'java' that it can't find 'libstdc++-6....' shared
library. I know enough to know that I'm missing some shared library, and I
looked at the different packes at debian.org but did not find any that looks
like this shared library.

Sun documentation mentions something about a similar problem on their web site
but regarding 'RedHat Linux 7 Server' (sorry):

-- quote --

If you use RedHat Linux 7 Server, you must manually install
compat-libstdc++-6.21- to prevent "error while loading shared
libraries" when using the Java HotSpot VMs. This file is located in the
/RedHat/RPMS directory on the RedHat Linux 7 CD-ROM. You may also obtain a
copy of this file from http://rpmfind.net. To install the file, use this
rpm --install compat-libstdc++-6.21-

It is not necessary to manually install compat-libstdc++-6.21-
if you are using RedHat Linux 7 Workstation

-- end quote -- 

I'm not very well informed about the different 'C/C++' shared libraries for

I'm running Debian 2.2r0 + an apt-get to update to the latest stable packages.

Thanks for any information, and sorry if this has already been asked or it is
a dumb question, but I have just subscribed, and searched through the archives
but did not find anything related to this.

Martin Bertolino

PS: I just saw that there is a new JDK at java.sun.som version 1.3.1

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