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Re: Java

* Munir Chhibber <munirchhibber@usa.net> [010423 19:02]:
> i have 3 years of experience in java.recently bought a helio and would luv to
> work on it using java but wan't some info about going about it.
> like getting linux and what jvm is available for development using it.

[BTW -- does this list have a FAQ anywhere for these obvious and easy

[BTW #2 -- this email is much better suited to debian-user. debian-java
is only for people interested in making java work on Debian, not about
using java on Debian.]

Not Free:
Sun's JDK is by far the most complete and most useful.
BlackDown has a port of Sun's JDK -- I do not know their relationship to
the Linux Java JDK Sun makes available. Same thing?

FSF's GCJ seems to be making good progress.
kaffe has its supporters.

I think there are more projects out there trying to support Java in a
free platform. Many of them rely upon FSF's Classpath project, which is
reimplementing the java.* heirarchy from the ground up.

I hope this helps.

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