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Re: java library installation issues

> On 03 Apr 2001 07:50:33 +0200, Egon Willighagen wrote:
> I was playing around with a scheme; it went like this:
> -> versioned files and symlinks much like .so
> -> e.g. 
> ---> antlr-1.2.3.jar
> ---> antlr-1.2.4.jar
> ---> antlr-2.0.1.jar
> ---> antlr-2.1.0.jar
> ---> antlr-2.1.3.jar
> ---> antlr.jar -> antlr-2.1.3.jar
> ---> antlr-2.jar -> antlr-2.1.3.jar
> ---> antlr-1.jar -> antlr-1.2.4.jar
> Then you have some wrapper script utlities to help you build a
> classpath. E.g. (pardon my scripting; I'm a Java programmer):

  Consider putting jars in /usr/share/java and slimelinking
  $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext to /usr/share/java to get the jars for free
  without wrappers.

  If Sun's extension process is used in this fashion, you won't want
  to keep all the versions in this directory since antlr-1.jar will be
  used before antlr-10.jar, for example. Thus you might create
  /usr/share/java/package to hold all the versions of a particular
  package and slimelink /usr/share/java/package.jar to

  Also note that you can have problems if you have the same classes in
  different jar files entirely. For example, my jserv installation was
  getting in the way of my tomcat compiles. But tomcat wasn't packaged
  at the time; the packaging scheme would most likely have resolved
  that issue (tomcat conflicts jserv).

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