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Re: Java libraries and proposal.

* Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org> [010406 04:41]:
> Well to me it seems that this system will have some name clashes.
> Why not use the debian package name?

The initial revitalization of this thread comes from Per Bothner. His
own machine is Red Hat, and he seems pretty happy with it. :) He chose to
bother us at all because he figures the Debian policy on Java is as good
a starting place as any. We cannot rely upon the Debian package names
for this project, because its effects will hopefully be experienced on
the other Linux distributions, and perhaps even the *BSD distributions,
should any of them decide to try to support multiple Java systems
coherently. Or, at the least, they can learn from our mistakes. :)

Not a bad idea, but considering the package names were already chosen to
try to avoid namespace collisions, we probably should stick with using
the package name as much as possible.


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