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Somebody interested in packaging Jython ?


the BTS still holds my ITP to package JPython (nowadays called Jython).
Jython is an implementation of the Python language in pure Java, see

As much as I'm interested in the issues involved with a painless coexistence
of C-Python and Jython on Debian, I haven't really had time, though, to
track the state of Java on Debian, and therefore I'm lacking many clues on
how to package Jython for Debian in the best way.

Perhaps there's an volunteer somewhere who'd like to give Jython a look and
start packaging it. I think since we still have no Python policy, the final
packaging should be coordinated with the C-Python packages, so that we can
re-use as much of the Python library as possible (I don't like to have
jython variants of pure Python packages, adding to the python- and python2-
variants we're already forced to have).


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