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Re: java library installation issues

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 06:47:37AM -0400, egonw wrote:
> Indeed. But the principle holds that in Debian, with dependencies, that
> a certain executable exactly knows where to find a certain library.

Not true.  Executables declare dependencies on soname's.  It is the
job of the runtime linker to determine "exactly" where to find the
library.  The runtime linker is influenced by the executable, the
global configuration, and user overrides.  I think that Java
executables should use the same model.

> The build and run dependencies basically refer to an other package of
> which the file structure is determined.

This only seems true because most C libraries usually have only one
implementation (at a particular soname).  But anyone who has used
LD_LIBRARY_PATH knows this isn't true.

> Once a maintainer changes this
> dir structure and thus file locations it possibly breaks many packages...
> This is why policies are so important.

The policy should use indirection so that exact file locations are
not critical.  Think about how the libc5 -> libc6 transition worked.


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