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RE: Testing automation

The software has two parts: a c-based server side and a Swing-based
Java applet.  Dejagnu will allow me to test both sides, I think. 
All I need is the ability to enter text, and clicks to the applet.
Then, I can capture the input information on the server and
determine if either the applet and the server-side behaviors are
correct or not.


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> * Bao Ha <baoh@linuxwizardry.com> [010402 12:24]:
> > I have a swing-based applet that I would like to build a test suite
> > using some tools like dejagnu.
> If DejaGNU can do GUI tests, then thank you for the wonderful bit of
> news. :) If DejaGNU cannot do GUI tests, then take a look around for
> testing articles in GUI systems -- I think I saw one linked from
> http://www.rootprompt.org -- perhaps in the programming section.
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