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Re: Bug#90243: ITP: jdk1.3 -- Java Development Kit

Maurizio Boriani <baux@debian.org> wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 10:09:31AM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
>> Maurizio Boriani <baux@debian.org>, 90243@bugs.debian.org wrote:
>> >Package: wnpp
>> >Severity: wishlist
>> >URL: ftp://ftp.progsoc.uts.edu.au/pub/Linux/java/JDK-1.3.0/
>> >
>> >This is Sun Java Development kit from blackdown. Sun permit this version
>> >redistribution unlike sun download ftp server.
>> Um, in http://lists.debian.org/debian-java-0103/msg00091.html Stephen
>> Zander (jdk1.1 maintainer) said he was going to package this now that
>> the legalities have been sorted out ... have I missed something?
>        This legalities was denied for any other to redistribuite jdk,
>but I found sun left permission to blackdown (sure, any other take it
>from blackdown) to redistribuite it. So I decide to reopen my ITP on
>jdk1.3 and opennms under Dan White <whitehse@cafedemocracy.org>'s
>suggestion. You and any other can read this things on

But the link I just quoted featured a Blackdown developer stating that
this was no longer a problem and the Debian jdk maintainer saying that
he would package it.

What's happening with the jdk maintainership?

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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