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Re: Quitting debian-java

* Alexander Hvostov <vulture@aoi.dyndns.org> [010301 22:35]:
> That's why you create classes under packages other than `java' or
> `javax'. The Java API proper is in the `java' and `javax' packages, and
> Sun is simply trying to keep Java consistent across implementations by
> using their IP powers to make not implementing these packages to spec
> illegal.
> It's called standards. It's why they exist. Sun just happens to have the
> IP power to enforce them.

I'm not saying an attempt to have standards is bad; I'm saying that due
to how Sun wishes to maintain standards, I don't think a free Java API
implementation can succeed. It is why there isn't a standard Java
package in Debian.

> Considering Mozilla will stabilize and become fully usable soon enough, I
> don't think this drastic a change is really necessary.

Good; then you can delete Navigator at that point and not worry about it
being non-free. :)

> > > - figfonts
> > Hehe. Do you *need* figlet? :)
> Do I *need* reproductive organs?

Nope. Care to donate yours to the needy? :)

> > > - filters-nonfree (for when fortune doesn't cut the mustard :)
> > Hehe. Do you *need* to read something in Cockney English? :)
> Do I *need* two functioning eyes, rather than just one?

Many organisms don't even *have* eyes. Two is just wasteful. Care to
donate yours to the needy? :)

> What `su' diatribe, exactly?

info su; /Richard

Cheers! :)

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