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Kaffe and Freenet

So, the current version of Kaffe in Debian (1.0.6-1 in woody,
1.0.5-something in potato) doesn't support Freenet. The reason is that
Kaffe uses gmp to support the java.math.BigInteger class, and the
configure script for kaffe uses the old names for the gmp functions,
so it didn't detect correctly. I guess the Kaffe maintainer thought it
was easier to drop BigInteger than to fixup the configure script.

There's a couple of bugs logged against this here:


Anyways, the Freenet people wrote up a patch to fix this problem, and
I applied the patch to the Debian package and have potato and woody
.debs here:


I have a couple of questions:

1) Gee, it'd be great to get these patches into Woody. This bug is
   about 6 months old, and it's holding up a cool program. Dang!

2) If this gets fixed, is it OK for the freenet package to go into
   main rather than contrib? Since it runs on Kaffe with the patches


Evan Prodromou

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