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questions about kaffe

After pondering the kaffe package, the Debian Java FAQ, and the BTS for a 
while, I still have a number of questions, and hope this list can provide 
answers or advice.  

  Why doesn't kaffe have the compiler (kjc) included in it?

  Why is /usr/lib/kaffe/bin/kjc in the kaffe package, but the jar file it
    seems to depend on, (kjc.jar) is not?

  Ditto for /usr/lib/kaffe/bin/kopi.

  If kaffe has no binaries in /usr/bin, then how is it distinguished from
     a library package?  If not, then why isn't it called something like

  Why are the binaries for kaffe not in /usr/bin?  Is it because there 
     are no man pages for the individual binaries (except kaffe itself)?

  To be conformant with Debian Java policy, is it necessary to make links 
     between the real locations of the jar files in the kaffe package and

  The kaffe source package has a number of options to support a kaffe 
     installation that coexists with a javasoft installation, i.e., one can 
     add modify the names of all of the kaffe binaries using 
     --program-prefix, --program-suffix, --program-transform-name.
     Is it not desirable to use these?  

Aplogies in advance if I just failed to find answers to these questions 
that may already be present somewhere at w.d.o.

Susan Kleinmann

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