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Re: How to install jdk 1.3

Seth Arnold wrote:
> > Also, I've been told that I don't need to set CLASSPATH in jdk1.3? Any information on it?

In 1.3 there is extension mechanism for jar files


This simply means you put jar files into

 jre/lib/<arch> # for JNI binaries
> You know, I hear the story change every time anyone brings up the
> question. I think CLASSPATH is mostly a thing of the past; however, you
> may still need to try various settings to get things to work. :(

In practice many java programs/libraries instruct to set CLASSPATH or
have it in their wrapper. In larger use, say you use about 20 jar
from different vendors, using the CLASSPATH becomes quite unusable.

I have get my java subsystem on my debian quite well working condition.
I put library-jars into jre/lib/ext and run program-jar files as
Running jar as executable you have to set binfmt_misc for jar magic and
add Main-Class: into jar manifest.

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