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Re: Java 2

On Friday 18 August 2000, at 9 h 31, the keyboard of Artur Radosz <slu@ags.pl> 

> Are ther any plans to include latest java VM (1.2 or 1.3) in Debian?

See the Debian/Java FAQ <http://www.debian.org/~bortz/Java/debian-java-faq.html

> All major distributions (excluding RedHat and my favorite, Debian)
> announced support for it?

May be they ignored the licensing issues? Debian has no legal backing and must 
be more careful.

> Why don`t update java in debian? License? There are non-free section,
> (sun java 1.1 also isn`t free, but it`s included in debian distro).

There are several ways to be non-free. We do not package Microsoft Word, not 
even in non-free, because we don't have the authorization to distributre it.

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