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Other Kaffe packages...


I have built a .deb of Kaffe with the Utah flux project support for
profiling and symbolic debugging. This lets you get gprof timings for
code executing under Kaffe and profiles native as well as Java methods.
It also gives limited support for symbolic debugging under gdb. Breakpoints
and some other things don't work, but it still appears useful.

I'm thinking about setting up a repository with this and other Kaffe
varients, or possibly putting them into the distribution. My main concern
is whether we want to have 5 or 6 Kaffe packages around, ie. kaffe, 
kaffe-cvs, kaffe-prof-dbg, kaffe-cvs-prof-dbg, kaffe-pthreads, 
kaffe-cvs-pthreads, etc.

Does anyone have an opinion about which way I should proceed?


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