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Re: versioning?

"E.L. Willighagen" wrote:

> In Java versioning is also important... i have often many troubles finding
> the correct xerces.jar version for example...

You can only have one version of a package installed. If you want more than
one xerces version the packages need to have different names otherwise dpkg
will replace the old package even if the nae of the jar archives are

> Therefore i would suggest to use xerces_version.jar etc... like all Linux
> libraries in /usr/lib and a 'ln -s' for xerces.jar? Or are there reasons for
> not doing this?

Yes - the package names. BTW, installing a jar in /usr/local/share/java is
very simple - builing and installing shared libraries is much more difficult
so packaging make more sense for them.

Stefan Gybas

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