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kaffe on PowerPC: success

With the last CVS tree of kaffe and the help of Edouard Parmelan, fearless 
kaffe developer, everything works.


1) Get FFI from http://sourceware.cygnus.com/libffi/ (it does not seem to be 
in any Debian package) and install it (./configure; make; sudo make install)

2) Get the latest CVS of kaffe <http://www.kaffe.org/CVS.html>

3) Configure kaffe: 

./configure --with-libffi

4) make; sudo make install

It just works (tested with the free XSL engine XT, a huge beast, and some 
small Java programs).

There are still bugs, of course, we'll see later. (Freenet crashes, for 
instance, because of a problem with BigInteger).

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