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Re: Java development on debian ppc

> On Saturday 1 July 2000, at 1 h 18, 
> the keyboard of John Leuner <jewel@pixie.co.za> wrote:
> > > I would rephrase it: if there is no Free Java solution 
> ...
> > > then we should stop working with Java and start encouraging 
> > > people to switch to another language.
> > 
> > Java has such massive support, how could you just drop it like that?
> Do not be afraid of drastic decisions: Cobol has a much more massive support 
> than Java and there is no support for it in Debian (and few people complain).

They don't complain because they use something else. As a systems software
writer you can't choose what to provide, you have to provide what people
are using and want.

Why reinvent Java? That would take even *longer* to support in free
> Microsoft has a massive support, too and we still pretend our operating system 
> is better.

I didn't say Java was better than anything else.
> I see no reason why we should use Java just because Sun decreted we should.

You're free to use whatever you want, but Java is a standard
(whether dictated by Sun or not).


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