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Re: Java development on debian ppc

> > That means that presenting Kaffe as a free alternative to the
> > Sun/Blackdown JDK on PowerPC is a false lead -- 
> I would rephrase it: if there is no Free Java solution (which means a real and 
> workable one, on all platforms, and without segmentation faults at every 
> opportunity), then we should stop working with Java and start encouraging 
> people to switch to another language.

Java has such massive support, how could you just drop it like that?

There are other free Java projects on the go, the Japhar VM is undergoing
development and I am author of the kissme VM. My work is still x86 only,
but as the JVM gets more mature I see no reason why it would be difficult
to port to PPC. 

John Leuner

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